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President of Camp's Welcome,

Founder Sarah Buckley is the Camp President and Chief Executive Officer. 


Hello All, I am very excited to tell you about Camp of Excellence Inc., NFP.


     Our Overnight Programs utilized by 100 high school aged campers (13-19) will consist of on sight cabin stays with daily meals, showers, and laundry. This Camp Program is to enlighten campers on what is to come after High school. These Young Men and Women will be given tools for everyday situations they will have after High school.  Campers will participate in a ROTC/Sports based program. Campers will use the Athletic fields, obstacle courses, and buildings for team building exercises. Campers are required to participate in community service activities and fundraising activities to help sustain the camp .  Tutors will be available to help campers with struggling grades. Counselors will be utilized for individualized emotional therapies as needed. Some our classes include resume writing, job application training, job location placement when possible, and college touring. 

 Our Day Camp Programs will be utilized by 150 campers aged (6-9) and (10-14). They will participate in archery, crafts, camp songs, obstacle courses along with team building exercises. All C.O.E campers will have the opportunity to receive tutoring refreshment courses from previous year and overview of what’s to come in the next year.  Our schools cannot afford a science curriculum for the elementary students. C.O.E will provide a science class. C.O.E will provide a world cultures class which allows campers to learn and accept cultural diversities at an early age. 

 Our Winter JROTC Program will be available to 40 of our students struggling with behavioral disorders. The camp will provide a safe structured environment for our campers to utilize after school. Tutors and counselors will be available to assist our campers with grades and emotional struggles. Correctional officers and Veterans will teach campers rules, regulations and laws for the state of Illinois. As well as encourage self-worth in our campers.  


Sarah Buckley
​President of Camp

Our Mission & Vision

  Our camp mission is to help every child to stay active, continue their education, build lifelong friendships, become more self-reliant, and connect with their community in a positive manner.

  Our Camp vision is to provide services daily to 250 youth day camp and overnight participants during the summer months. We envision providing an excellent safe, educational, and enjoyable program for children regardless of their financial means.  

 Our camp focuses on diverse activities and programs that help children continue education with tutoring in school subjects from the year before and reviewing what's to come in the next year, safely explore the world around them, learn healthy social skills, and learn how to value their community and those within it. 

  Camp of Excellence, provides a special program for athletes to receive special training for their specific sport. 

  Camp experiences have always been a memorable and cherished time for youth. Stories will be told across generations about how their time at camp built relationships between lifelong friends and the positive influences from respected mentors. 

  Camp of Excellence, acknowledges the problems we have in our community and the world around us.  We are stepping up to create a safe zone for children to safely play, continue education, receive guidance counseling when needed, receive job training and placement for older youth, receive healthy meals and snacks all the while remaining active.

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