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Life Teachings in a Changing World

    Across the nation we as Americans struggle academically. Here locally in Mount Vernon High School District,  we have an average of 20%  high school students that drop out of school. Out of the remaining students we only have an average of  72% students that pursue a higher education. 

  Camp of Excellence seeks to change these number for the betterment of this area every year. 

  Camp of Excellence, strives to insure all children attending the Day Camp and Residential Camp have a continuing education through out the summer. We want all students to look forward to and know the importance of having a higher education and what it can do for their futures.


  Camp of Excellence, works alongside students, parents, and schools for each campers needs. We aim for making the dream of a higher education possible whether it be a Trade school, Community College or University.


   Camp of Excellence,  helps students set goals and provide the right tools to make the necessary steps in those directions.

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