Upcoming Events

Camp President announces April 11, 2020 that all events for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 will be Cancelled Until Further Notice!

Please Follow our Social Pages for when to come back to our site to sign up for our events. Please Stay safe & healthy. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing for us all!

Glow In The Dark Color Run
SAT Jun 8th, TIME Glow Party Starts at 7:00p

Race Starts Around 8:45p

2nd Annual Glow Color Run


Veterans Memorial Park,

800 South 27th Street

​Mount Vernon, IL

1st Annual Glow In the Dark Color Run

Camp of Excellence hosts our first Gem, Mineral and fossil show in Mount Vernon's Veterans Memorial Park Saturday September 21st. Rocks, Minerals, Gems, Fossils and Geodes. Dealers, Demonstrations, Jewelry, Exhibits, Smithing, Beading and our kids Earth Science exploratory exhibit - will all be available. Come see what's beneath your feet.

Camp Of Excellence Inc. NFP 2018

Continuing Education through a Summer Camp Program full of  Educational Camp Activities and Specializing in Athletics Clinic.